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Starting a Social Model Adult Day Services Program

Thank you for your interest in starting a social adult day services program. In New York State, social adult day services is not licensed, certified or registered. There is no NYS application process needed or available to start up a program.

The New York State Office for the Aging regulations for social adult day care are invaluable for meeting minimum service and administrative standards. Area agencies on aging and Medicaid managed long term care plans must assure that adult day care programs they contract with comply with these requirements. Others may find them helpful because they reflect minimum standards, identify key aspects of program implementation and operations, and because programs may be interested in pursuing financial support in the future that has these requirements.

We recommend that individuals interested in starting a social adult day services program care contact the New York State Adult Day Services Association. (External Link) This association provides technical assistance to its membership on all area of adult day services including referrals to adult day services consultants.

You may also contact your local office for aging in the county where you plan to operate the program or where you expect to draw clients from to discuss program development. Area agencies (offices for the aging) exist in each county in New York State and play a key role in addressing the needs of the elderly in their communities. Thus, they are good sources of information on local needs and community resources.

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