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Beat the Heat 3: Tips for Saving Money During the Summer

Older New Yorkers living on fixed incomes will greatly benefit from the final installment of our three-part series BEAT THE HEAT, in which NYSOFA offers some quick tips on how you can lower your cooling bill during the summer.

Did You Know?
You can be a good neighbor by checking in on older residents in your neighborhood during heat waves. Sometimes it can be a matter of life or death! Older adults who do not have air conditioning are at greater risk of hypothermia and dehydration than the general population.

During heat waves, there is help available for older New Yorkers. For cooling centers near you, please contact your local office for the aging.

For Further Reading
Our three-part series on Beating the Heat began in June. Beat the Heat Part 1 focused on ways to stay cool at home, while Beat the Heat Part 2 provides nine quick tips on fighting dehydration