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Caregiver Resource Centers

Since the late 1980s, New York State has provided $20,000 annually to 17 AAAs for local Caregiver Resource Centers (CRC) to provide caregivers with information, assistance, and counseling/support group/training. (In 2008, in response to the budget crisis, the annual allocation to AAAs was reduced to $19,611.) With the advent of the Title III-E funded caregiver program, these AAAs have coordinated their CRC programs with their Title III-E programs so that, from the caregiver perspective, there is a program consisting of a coordinated array of services that are comprehensive, complementary, and supplemental in nature.

During SFY 2012-2013, NYSOFA funded 17 Caregiver Resource Centers (CRCs). These CRCs trained 5,090 individuals; provided on-going oversight to 48 support groups in which 755 individuals participated; counseled 5,023 individuals; and provided 12,048 units of information and referral services.

In SFY 2013-2014 the budget contained an appropriation of $353,000 to support 17 Caregiver Resource Centers.